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Helsingborg – the development of H+

If you live in Helsingborg, or in a nearby city, you’ve probably heard of the big changes that are happening there right now. Helsingborg is in the midst of a new project called H+, which is an urban development project that will create new houses, buildings and sustainable solutions for the whole city. They’re currently working on new, sustainable energy sources, as well as a cityhub which will make it possible to connect smart devices everywhere in the city. H+ is a large project that concerns many different parts of Helsingborg, such as Oceanhamnen, Universitetsområdet, Gåsebäck och Husarområdet. The goal is to create a new, modern city environment that’ll be home to the current residents, as well as the over 40 000 new citizens that they’re expecting before 2035.

Is your company part of the development of H+ in Helsingborg? In that case, we here at RP Service AB can offer accommodation for the time that you’re staying in the city. Our properties are fully equipped, and they have the best location. They’re perfect for companies that are looking for accommodation during temporary projects.

Do you want to read more about us, or apply for accommodation? Don’t hesitate – contact us today, so that we can tell you more about us and what we can offer you and your co-workers.


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