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Fully equipped apartments in Malmö

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Malmö is a big city who are constantly working on new projects. Right now, they’re building tons of new schools, apartments, logistics and a brand new building for their hospital area! The city is expanding quickly, and many construction workers are in need of accommodation during their stay in Malmö.

From the 16th of September, we can finally offer some new apartments in Malmö again! We’ve established ourselves in a new apartment complex on Linjegatan in Malmö, that offers up to 6 rooms apartments which are perfect for both small and big teams.

The apartments on Linjegatan vary in size, from 26–130 square meters, and there is parking right outside. You can choose to rent a single apartment, or the whole apartment complex. Every apartment is fully equipped with everything your team needs during their stay, such as furniture, utensils and washing machine.

If your team is in need of accommodation during a shorter, or longer period of time in Malmö – you’re welcome to contact us here at RP Service AB! Visit our website or send us a message to secure your booking!

Welcome to Malmö!

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